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Quantum Scattering and Multiple Scattering - Proximity resonances and superradiance, scattering in waveguides, multiple scattering and decoherence in cold atom gases, multiple scattering including Rashba spin orbit coupling, guiding waves with walls of scatterers, boundary wall methods.

Mesoscopic physics - modelling of quantum dots and open 2DEG systems, including thermal wavepackets, smooth walls and smooth disorder potentials , quantum point contacts and the effect of diffractive orbits (collaboration with Westervelt group), surface electron waves in an STM "quantum corral," including projecting a spin-polarized Kondo cloud by surface waves; scattering from modulated hard walls; magnetic effects in microstructures.

Semiclassical Methods and Applications - Decoherence, fidelity, Loschmidt echo. Replacement manifolds, semiclassical uniformization of homoclinic tangles. Similarity transformed semiclassical dynamics.

Chemical physics - Time dependent DFT, surface hopping and Franck-Condon factors, wavepacket methods, vibrational predissociation, conical intersections in polyatomic systems.

Oceanography - Formation of freak waves in the ocean.

Atomic physics and few-body collisions - Bose-Einstein condensation, finite temperature, interference, atom lasers. Quasiresonance in atom-diatom collisions. Quantum reflection/sticking of atoms to thermal surfaces (collaboration with Doyle group); atomic reflection from lattices, superradiance.

Background Image credit: Rick Heller, Storm
The workshop: Wavepackets, Chaos, and Scattering: From Chemistry to Physics and Back, honored Rick on the occasion of his 65th birthday. The workshop brought together world leading researchers working on the topics, condensed matter/correlated electrons, chaos/waves/semiclassics, and physical chemistry/wavepackets/spectroscopy. Held at the Institute for Theoretical Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (ITAMP) in Cambridge Ma, USA from Thursday Oct. 7 until Saturday Oct 9, 2010, many of the speakers were his former students, postdocs, and colleagues from the US and abroad.

Wavepackets, Chaos, and Scattering: From Chemistry to Physics and Back.

Click HERE to see the pictures from the workshop (Courtesy of ITAM).

Gallery of recent group pictures

May 2011, @ John Harvard's:
Celebrating the end of the semester and start of Summer

Left to right: Matt, Anna, Lucas, and Douglas.
, 2
Left to right: Holger, Mario, Rick, and Suzanne.
, 3
Left to right: Rick, Suzanne, and Matt B.
, 4
Left to right: Mario, Rick, and Suzanne.
, 5
Left to right: Judy, Tomiya, and Matt S.
, and 6
Left to right: Anna, Lucas, and Douglas.
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