Byron C Drury

Graduate student, MIT

Working on branched flow, quantum scars and semiclassical spin spectrum methods.

Eric J Heller

Eric J Heller

Abbott and James Lawrence Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Physics
Department of Chemistry 12 Oxford St Harvard University Cambridge, MA 02138
p: 617 496 7537

University of Minnesota B.S. 1968
Harvard University Ph.D. Chemical Physics 1973
University. of Chicago Postdoc. Res. Assoc. 1973-75

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K (Fikriye  Idil Kaya)

K (Fikriye Idil Kaya)

Research Assistant

Associate scholar from Tufts University working on the Raman cross-section of condensed matter systems and the connate quantum mechanical phenomena.

Dr. Anna M Klales

Preceptor in Physics, Harvard University

Working on branched flow, quantum scars, and extensions of semiclassical propagators.

Dr. Suzanne Pittman

Working on the classical-quantum correspondence of polyatomic molecules, quantum ergodicity, dynamical systems and Arnol'd diffusion.

Matt Schram

Graduate student, MIT

Matt Schram is interested in semiclassical methods for studying decoherence, in particular looking at Helium-surface scattering.

Micheline Soley

Micheline Soley

Graduate Student in Chemical Physics

Working on theoretical investigations of tunneling, flux, and phase-space bottlenecks for the analysis and prediction of the experimental ultracold KRb dimer reaction.