Controllable quantum scars in semiconductor quantum dots


Keski-Rahkonen, J., Luukko, P.J.J., Kaplan, L., Heller, E.J. & Räsänen, E. Controllable quantum scars in semiconductor quantum dots. Phys. Rev. B 96, 094204 (2017).


Quantum scars are enhancements of quantum probability density along classical periodic orbits. We study the recently discovered phenomenon of strong perturbation-induced quantum scarring in the two-dimensional harmonic oscillator exposed to a homogeneous magnetic field. We demonstrate that both the geometry and the orientation of the scars are fully controllable with a magnetic field and a focused perturbative potential, respectively. These properties may open a path into an experimental scheme to manipulate electric currents in nanostructures fabricated in a two-dimensional electron gas.

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