Parametric evolution for a deformed cavity


Cohen, D., Barnett, A. & Heller, E.J. Parametric evolution for a deformed cavity. Physical Review E 63, 046207 (2001).


We consider a classically chaotic system that is described by a Hamiltonian H(Q,P;x), where (Q,P) describes a particle moving inside a cavity, and x controls a deformation of the boundary. The quantum eigenstates of the system are \|n(x)>. We describe how the parametric kernel P(n\|m)=\|<n(x)\|m(x0)>\|2, also known as the local density of states, evolves as a function of δx=x-x0. We illuminate the nonunitary nature of this parametric evolution, the emergence of nonperturbative features, the final nonuniversal saturation, and the limitations of random-wave considerations. The parametric evolution is demonstrated numerically for two distinct representative deformation processes.

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