Periodic orbit scar in wavepacket propagation


Tomiya, M., Sakamoto, S. & Heller, E.J. Periodic orbit scar in wavepacket propagation. International Journal of Modern Physics C 30, 4, 1950026 (2019).


This study analyzed the scar-like localization in the time-average of a time-evolving wavepacket on a desymmetrized stadium billiard. When a wavepacket is launched along the orbits, it emerges on classical unstable periodic orbits as a scar in stationary states. This localization along the periodic orbit is clarified through the semiclassical approximation. It essentially originates from the same mechanism of a scar in stationary states: piling up of the contribution from the classical actions of multiply repeated passes on a primitive periodic orbit. To achieve this, several states are required in the energy range determined by the initial wavepacket.

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