Rate of energy absorption for a driven chaotic cavity


Barnett, A., Cohen, D. & Heller, E.J. Rate of energy absorption for a driven chaotic cavity. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 34, 413 (2001).


We consider the response of a chaotic cavity in d dimensions to periodic driving. We are motivated by older studies of one-body dissipation in nuclei, and also by anticipated mesoscopic applications. For calculating the rate of energy absorption due to time-dependent deformation of the confining potential, we introduce an improved version of the wall formula. Our formulation takes into account that a special class of deformations causes no heating in the zero-frequency limit. We also derive a mesoscopic version of the Drude formula, and explain that it can be regarded as a special example of our calculations. Specifically we consider a quantum dot driven by an electro-motive force which is induced by a time-dependent homogeneous magnetic field.

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